Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tips on"Geering" your office

Reduce, Recycle, and Re-Use (Everything)
Use only 100% recycled paper (and print on BOTH sides)
Use paper that is printed on one side for your fax machine
Print only the most essential e-mails and documents
Turn off computers and monitors when not in use
Turn the printer off at night - the last person to leave the office should do this
Change to CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs)
Recycle all ink toner cartridges
Stop using disposable plastic water bottles (38 billion of them end up in our
landfills annually)
Eliminate disposable styrofoam coffee cups from your offices. Use a coffee mug
from home
Combine short trips and walk to lunch, the bank and the post office instead of
driving when possible
Consider riding your bike or walking to work one or more days per week
If possible, work from home one or more days per week